Nendo’s New Modular Chair Lets You Switch Up Your Home Decor On A Whim

Dropping a small fortune on a set of shiny new chairs is a great way to add some style to your home, but if you find yourself on the wrong side of a trend a few years later, repeating the process can be costly. But what if completely transforming the look of those chairs was as simple as adding a new part here or there?

With the Twig chair it designed for the Italian brand Alias, do-it-all Japanese design house Nendo is scratching the surface of that idea. Hoping to offer the choice of different seating experiences, not to mention some interior decor flexibility, the aluminum legs of the chair are separate from the seat, which then is separate from the backrest/armrest portion of the chair. Along with the seat portion itself being available in wood, plastic, or fabric materials, the design firm also promises the backrest/armrest will come in five distinct designs, and a variety of different colors and materials.

For now, the execution is relatively simple and straightforward; the five backrests more or less share the same visual qualities. But it’s easy to see how Nendo (or another chairmaker for that matter) could get more ambitious and add components that let people switch an old dining room table into outdoor patio furniture, or bring in an array of outside designers with radically different approaches to design components for the chair. Here’s hoping it sells enough to grow into an entire modular product line.

[via Dezeen]