• 08.04.15

This Wearable Can Help You Get Pregnant

Just turn off the lights and push it inside your ear.

There are lots of great apps out there for couples trying to get pregnant, or avoid it. Now, there’s a wearable that promises to help women track their fertility more accurately.


Your body’s basal temperature is an important thing for any woman trying to get pregnant, but tracking it can also be a bit of a pain. Used in conjunction with a chart or tracking app, a basal thermometer will register the minutest temperature variations, but it needs to be used regularly at the same time every day (usually right after you wake up) for you to actually spot the tiny 0.4 to 1 degree Fahrenheit increase in your basal temperature that happens after ovulation.

Yono Labs thought tracking a woman’s fertility should be a lot easier, so they’ve created a new in-ear wearable that women can wear to make keeping track of their basal temperature a lot more seamless.

The Yono in-ear device slots into a woman’s ear when she goes to sleep. Unlike a normal basal thermometer, the Yono in-ear device automatically measures its owners temperature up to 70 times per night, then beams it over Bluetooth to the Yono app, which analyzes the data and recommends an optimal fertility window based on the data.

What makes the Yono solution such a good one is it takes the possibility of human error out of the equation. Basal temperature readings are notoriously finicky: not only do you need to do it consistently for 30 to 60 days to build up a reliable dataset, but a single restless night’s sleep or bout of insomnia can wreak havoc with your data. Yono sidesteps all of this by doing all of the work for you, getting a much better picture of your basal temperature by reading it all night long: all you need to remember is to put it in your ear when you go to bed.

Yono hasn’t announced an official price for their wearable yet. They are currently sending out working samples to a select focus group, and will be following it up with a pre-order campaign in the coming months. You can register to hear from Yono when they go live here.