Hypnotizing Doodles Show The Beautiful Side Of Coding

If you love Google’s homepage more for its whimsical doodles than its search box, head to, a platform for experimental, generative, code-driven art.

The site’s interface is refreshingly simple: a grid of thumbnails with the artwork and coder names beneath each one. If a graphic catches your eye, click on it and it opens in a new window. FLUUUID, a creative technology collective, built the platform to become the destination for discovering “high quality code-driven experiments, that showcase how visual programming, playful and engaging interactivity, and generative algorithms can be explored through a web browser,” developer Neil Carpenter writes on Medium.

The works arrive to the site via submission. While some look complex, they’re all built relatively simply. There’s no GUI, 3-D modeling, or audio involved (meaning your computer shouldn’t come to a screeching halt when you open one). Knacki by Florian Morel looks like a calming lava lamp; Recursion Toy by Justin Windle is a tangle of metastasizing tree branches; for glitchy fractals, view Edgy the Pit Minder by Felix Woitzel.