Build Your Living Room In The Time It Takes To Order A Pizza

Anyone who’s shopped at Ikea can sympathize with the frustrations arising from furniture assembly. Greycork—a startup based in Providence, Rhode Island—has a solution: a complete living room set that you can put together faster than you can say “Karlstad” (well, almost).

Greycork estimates that it takes 20 minutes to build a three-seat sofa, coffee table, bookshelf, chaise, and side table. They plan to sell the set, which is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, for $1,130. Seems like a lot, but to put that into perspective, a comparable assortment of furniture from Ikea would run $1,380 and take about three hours to construct. Moreover, there are no tools involved with the Greycork set and your living room won’t be a doppelgänger for every recent grad’s apartment.

Less time, less money, more design? Seems like a no-brainer. Delivery is estimated for December 2015 and early backers can get the complete set for $1,000.