Reflect Sunlight To Dark Corners Of Your Home With This Solar Mirror

There’s no artificial light in existence that rivals the beauty of sunshine glowing through your windows. But if you don’t have windows consuming every wall of your home, your living room can feel like a cave, forcing you to mix natural light with the mixed color temperatures of artificial lighting.

But Lucy, a solar mirror in development by Italian designers Solencia, offers a way to redirect sunlight into the dark corners of your home. Essentially a smart, rotating mirror, Lucy works by placing it near a window and aiming its “nose” to cast light to a wall of your choosing. Then, an onboard solar array will track ambient light and power an onboard motor, which tilts the mirror through the day to send the most light possible toward your target. Most importantly, everything is automatic and self-powered, making Lucy the perfect promise of a smarthome device that’s effortless to operate.

As for the actual light output, Solencia claims Lucy can redirect a maximum of 7,000 lumens. For comparison, Solencia tells us that a 250-square-foot room needs roughly 5,000 lumens to feel well-illuminated. Thats roughly the equivalent of three 100-watt bulbs. So Lucy is theoretically capable of lighting up a 15’x15’ living or dining room.

Whether or not Lucy can deliver on the promise remains to be seen. But the idea is certainly enticing, and if you’re interested, Lucy modules are already available for pre-order for $200.

[via designboom]