There’s A New Coffee Maker In Town For The Design Nerds

The Duo Coffee Steeper isn’t the first immersion brewing system to put its own spin on the french press method of coffee making. Others–such as the Aeropress or Clever dripper–have deservedly received heaps of praise, but the Duo is certainly the the best looking of the bunch.

Designed and manufactured by the San Francisco-based coffee product house Fellow, the Duo is a tall, narrow system that vaguely resembles an hourglass (or maybe even a Chemex from the year 3015). Using a nice mix of stainless steel, glass, and silicone rubber for the materials, Duo comes across as neither too utilitarian, nor overly twee.

Coffee prep with the Duo is simple: dump a proper ratio of coffee and hot water into the brewing chamber, let it do its thing for three to four minutes, twist the top, and let it drip down through the double filter into the carafe below. Then you simply use the Duo as you would any other coffee server, without having to remove any parts beforehand.

As for the coffee itself? That remains to be seen, but early backer feedback on the $85 coffee maker would seem to indicate that it might be able to run with the big boys.

[via Design Milk]