The Wondrous Algorithms Of Nature Animated As 3-D Printed Zoetropes

Nature’s creations are infinitely complex, but their core structural logic–the rules with which everything from our corals and our crystals grow–is often quite simple. It’s just an equation played out over and over again until a lone stalk sprouts intricate branches.

We see this sort of logic playing out in the procedurally generated universe of No Man’s Sky. We can also see it in these captivating, 3-D-printed zoetropes by nervous system. They’re basically sculptures, printed in various stages of completion, and attached to a wheel. Each represents a frame of an animation, like a flipbook. And when spun, these sculptures appear to grow in front of your eyes.

It’s an ingenious use of 3-D printing. While a sculpture would be hard pressed to duplicate their work over and over at various stages of completion, this precision is second nature to a printing robot.

As a result, these inert chunks of plastic seem to grow like real organisms. When life’s equations are printed by the computer, we can in essence see the foundations of life itself, reborn through the eyes of silicon. The world is about to get wild.

[via Visual News]