Modern Glasses Purpose-Designed For Beer Drinking

Serious wine drinkers have dozens of specially shaped glasses to choose from, each promising to tease out subtle flavors and aromas. As craft beer connoisseurship continues to build, so does demand for glasses that do the same. Brewers have even gotten into the game and now the Santa Monica–based company Sempli has, too, with the slick Monti collection.

Made from lead-free crystal, the four-piece set features glasses for pilsners, IPAs, pints, and 12-ounce bottles. The pyramid-shaped bases and silhouettes help the beer stay bubbly and at the right temperature. Your brewer labored over getting just the right mix of malt and hops in your beer, so do right by them and drink it out of a glass—and toss those bottles and cans in the recycling.

Two-piece sets will retail for $55 or get all four for $100 at