A Condom Package That You’ll *Just Know* Is The Right Size For You

The world of condoms has been ruined by gimmicks and branding. It’s been invaded by ancient armies covered in tropical lubes where euphemisms like “snugger fit” and bragging rights like “magnum” are our only guidance toward better tailored latex.

But Guan-Hao Pan, a student at the National Taipei University of Technology, has developed a conceptual line of condom packaging that lets you know instinctively if you’re buying the right condom size. Each is a cylinder, and its girth correlates with the diameter of the condom (and by relation, someone’s penis). And so just by holding the container in their hand, a man should be pretty sure as to whether or not the size feels right.

It’s a great idea until you really scrutinize it. What happened to the lengths? And does it really need the whole “cucumber or banana?” produce metaphor given that the sizes are already self explanatory? Pan is trying to play off the normalizing Chinese proverb hí sè xìng yě–translating to “appetite and lust are only natural”–but how many penises are really shaped with the tapered point of a carrot?

Imagine the checkout. Ringing up an innocuous blue box of condoms is one thing. Pointing what is more or less your cardboard dildo doppelgänger at some poor clerk to touch and scan sounds like cruel and unusual punishment for anyone making an hourly wage.

Even still, as a thought experiment, Pan’s design for a better condom package is a brilliant piece of work in a space that’s ripe for disruption.

[via Packaging of the World]