Waste Your Day Away With This Gold Mine Of Games Made Specifically For Designers

We love video games for designers and design lovers. Like this one. And this one. Or this one.

That’s why Games for Designers is like an early Christmas gift. It’s a treasure trove featuring games about fonts, kerning, Photoshop, color, bezier curves, logo design, and more.

Hex Invaders

Created by Geoffrey Dorne, a French designer and founder of Design & Human, Games for Designers features a couple dozen games right now, and still counting.

“My life revolves around design, which is my job, my passion, and my burden,” he says by email. “I like to play with fonts, colors, shapes, and logos. I can spend hours adjusting the kerning of a word, or finding the right color or font. I created Games for Designers for people like me.”

Asked about what criteria he uses to select his games, Dorne says that every game he chooses must be “rigorous, fun, and totally immersed in the world of design.”


Some of these games we’ve featured in the past, like KernType, a game in which you compete with typographers to perfectly space letters for readability. But there are loads here I’ve never heard of, such as 2048 for Photoshop, a version of the popular tile-matching game that slots as a plugin right into Adobe’s photo-editing suite. Or Shoot The Serif, a web-based SHMUP in which you have to shoot all the serifed fonts as accurately and quickly as possible.

The site isn’t just an excellent resource, it’s an excellent way to slack off. There are tons of good games here, all of which will teach you new aspects of design. If you’ve got some time, check it out. You can always bill it to a client later.