This Tinder Sim Will Teach You That The Only Thing That Matters In Life Is Swiping

Welcome to the thrilling world of app-based dating!

Swipe left, swipe right, just keep swiping!

But watch out. Stop swiping, and you might get too bored to live!

This is how we meet people now!



These are the instructions to Millennial Swipe Sim 2015–a clear parody of Tinder, rendered in big, low-fi pixels. And they aren’t joking. Don’t try to approve anyone with a checkmark. Don’t try to reject them with the red X. None of these buttons work. The only thing that works is to swipe. And you’ll have to swipe fast, lest your health bar deplete to 0.

To those who find swiping zen, the bragging rights of being called a MEGA SWIPER are in your future. But there’s no winning in this game. Sooner or later, you won’t judge people fast enough, and you will die for that transgression, leaving nothing behind but a lonely tombstone with your swipe count.

And it wouldn’t be such a cutting criticism, really, if we Tinder-loving millennials were actually getting laid as much as our parents.

Millennial Swipe Sim 2015 lives in a dropbox and runs in your web browser. Click here to play it on desktop or mobile.

[via Boing Boing]