This Electric Scooter Turns Into A Storage Cart With One Simple Move

Let’s face it: the Segway is nothing more than a punchline now considering its cameos in film and near-disastrous run-ins with elite runner Usain Bolt. That said, there’s certainly room for innovation in the mobility department. Designer Peter Opsvik—the man behind the iconic Tripp Trapp high chair for Stokke—has been working for over a decade on a scooter-cart hybrid dubbed the Citrus that’s more grounded in practical needs than the Segway ever was.

The Citrus was initially prototyped in the early 2000s, but Opsvik recently released a second version. It’s core functions lie in its adaptability—with a quick flip of the wheels, the transformable design morphs from an electric scooter to a cart, complete with a built in storage sack. And it collapses down smaller than your average stroller which lets you take it along in in confined spaces like a train.

Plus the form in and of itself is light years less clunky and ridiculous than the behemoths that are Segways. (But truth be told, there’s a still certain level of unavoidable dorkiness that comes with riding a scooter.)

It’s still in prototype mode, but Opsvik’s site says it’s available for licensing. Any takers?