Choose Your Own Dinner Table With Floyd’s Utility Legs

Floyd’s table legs were a hit immediately upon release last year, as they allowed anyone to add a bit of industrial chic to their home, using whatever flat surface they wanted as a desk or a table. But the only downside was that they weren’t designed for heavy use. With the introduction of the Floyd Utility Set, that all changes.

The beefed up Utility Set comes with four sturdier legs, bracing straps, and rubber feet, making it suitable for almost any setting from a dining room to a workshop. Furthermore, it can clamp onto any flat surface under two inches, meaning that it can support some heavy slabs of wood.

And while the $285 price tag may be a bit steep for some, the creative freedom and future flexibility these afford will be worth it for others–especially if you can find a table surface for cheap. The Floyd Utility Set is available now directly from Floyd.