This Reading Nook Wraps You In A Glorious Cocoon Of Books

The design and branding firm Anagrama is no stranger to inventiveness. In the past it’s done up a kids’ shop like a giant bead maze, created ultra-slick branding for breweries, confections boxes that looks as good as the treats they hold. For the Conarte Library in Monterrey, Mexico, Anagrama built a visually arresting architectural-scale bookshelf that envelopes readers with printed matter.

The space celebrates the time-worn hobby of cracking open a book, sitting back, and sinking your teeth into a story. Thanks to a self-supporting structure that plays some tricks on the eye, the space takes on the form of a mini-cathedral complete with ethereal illumination. The torqued pine-wood shelves—based on a rhomboid module—arch over the reading nook and the firm painted the walls in a subtle blue-green gradient to amp up the depth of the space. To further the effect, they placed a glowing arch on the back wall to simulate the structure’s vanishing point.

“The idea was to evoke the feeling of detachment with the external world,” says Roberto Treviño, a partner and architectural director at Anagrama. “It’s just you, the books, and this fantastic space. It really creates an amazing reading experience.”

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