Joseph Joseph Wants To Reinvent Microwave Cooking

“Make the greatest cooking discovery since fire,” touts a 1970s ad for an Amana microwave. When microwaves first burst onto the market, they spoke of new technology, innovation, and efficiency. In the decades since, they’ve mostly become a way to reheat leftovers and to whip up popcorn or dorm-room fare. The folks over at Joseph Joseph—the company known for its genius space-saving housewares—want to change the way you think about making full meals in a microwave with specially engineered cookware.

Imagine frying bacon, poaching eggs, or boiling spaghetti in mere seconds and with the push of a button. The M Cuisine Collection includes a stackable four-piece set composed of a pot, steamer basket, griddle, and lid that doubles as a plate ($42); a rice and grain cooker with a paddle and colander ($30); a pasta cooker with a built-in strainer ($18); egg poacher ($12); omelette bowl ($14); and cool-touch dish and bowl ($12 each).

The British firm Youmeus Design collaborated on the project and tried to solve some of the most common challenges with microwave cooking namely uneven heating, vessels becoming too hot to touch, and only being able to fit one thing in at a time. To that end, each of the pieces is made from polypropylene, can be used a few different ways, and have details like handles and tabs to make them easier to hold.

Considering that microwaves might actually help preserve nutrients in some veggies, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the appliance’s role in the kitchen.

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