Finally! You Can Get To First Base With Your Coffee Cup

Jang WooSeok loves coffee. And he loves kisses. “Whenever I have coffee in the morning, I think that holding warm coffee in my mouth is like a warm kiss,” he writes on Behance. The Suncheon, Korea–based designer laments that while he can get a coffee every morning, a kiss–alas!–is not always within reach. Instead of sulking around broken hearted, he took to his notebook and started sketching a solution to his conundrum.

Enter “Kiss When Coffee,” a remarkably lifelike polystyrene lid for take-out cups.

The design is pretty simple: WooSeok modeled the shape on voluptuous human lips with a hole punctured in the bottom one so you can sip your drink. He started off just with lips, but something felt off, so he went back to the drawing board. “I tried to give a feeing of a real kiss, like biting a bottom lip,” WooSeok writes. “This lid was really a bizarre shape which had only lips without nose and I felt something was missing and empty at first testing . . . In technical practicing, I realized how important the nose was and I put on a nose and face muscle and enlarged the lips on the lid.”

Considering how cultish coffee culture has become today, why not express that love on a lid? Chains are going to great lengths to orchestrate better physical spaces and latte art has gone digital.

WooSeok designed this as a B2B product for a cafes and writes that the lids are available in orders of 100 or 1,000. “I am sure that it is an important point to get public attention,” WooSeok says. So while this is definitely a “look at me” type of novelty, isn’t attention precisely what you want as a business?