An Artist Transforms Slabs Of Resin Into Moody, Translucent Furniture

Stormy and translucent, the latest pieces in Wonmin Park’s Haze series look almost otherworldly but are made from the most pedestrian of materials: resin.

It’s a material that by this point the Korean artist is deeply familiar with. A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Wonmin has been creating his Haze series for nearly three years, constructing pigment-colored resin slabs into simple geometric shapes. Whereas rainbow-colored hues defined his earlier work, his latest pieces are colored with more neutral greys, whites, and blues.

Wonmin creates the pieces by casting the resin in separate geometric molds and joining them together before the resin dries. To maintain the resin’s natural transparency, he mixes the colors by hand to control the intensity of the pigment.

“The transparency is a way of capturing the feeling created by haze, whether it is from foggy weather, fire or the blurring of your eyes,” Park tells Dezeen. He describes resin as “the natural material to use to recreate the sensation of fog or haze.”

[via Dezeen]