Lululemon Yoga Pants Get A Complete Overhaul

Lululemon, the maker of expensive yoga apparel, has just given their stretch pant department a complete overhaul. In addition to offering four brand-new designs, the Canadian retailer is now categorizing their leggings by “engineering sensation”–meaning that you can now shop the pants based on their feel as well as their style.

These “sensations” (yep! that’s what they’re going with) exist on a spectrum ranging from Relaxed (“nothing in your way”) to Tight (“locked and loaded”) with four others of varying tightness in between. They’ve adapted their current selection of pants in accordance with these new categories and also added four new styles. These include the Align pant ($98) in the Naked sensation and the All The Right Places pant ($128) in Held-In.

Lululemon has long maintained a cult-like female following, but its yoga pants have also had their fair share of controversy. In 2013, the company recalled 17% of its black yoga pants after customers complained that they were see-through (and then-chairman Chip Wilson made disparaging remarks about women’s thighs to the press). They later resold the same pants, repackaged as the Second Chance Pants, for $6 less than the original.

This was all taken into consideration during the redesign, Lululemon’s design director Antonia Iamartino tells Refinery29. “A lot of the things that we had experienced with that in the past never should’ve happened, and we really learned a lot from that [translucent-pants recall] experience,” she says. “We have new processes, new ways to monitor our fabrics, and new checks-and-balances to just really monitor and keep our eye on that. All of our new pants went through those same procedures and steps to have that not be an experience.”

That will should comforting news for Luluheads. Finding out you’re bearing it all during downward dog is never a pleasant sensation.

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