Dyson’s Bacteria-Zapping Humidifier Finally Hits The U.S. Market

It may be humid and hot out now, but in a few weeks (sigh) winter’s cold dry air is going to rush in and make your skin feel like a shriveled prune. Dyson–the British company known for its lust-worthy vacuums, super-powered hand dryers, and ultra-quiet fans—has a new humidifier that’s finally hit American shores nearly a year after the design debuted.

Developing the Dyson Humidifier was no small feat: It took 643 prototypes and over $60 million to engineer, which might explain why the $500 sticker price is so steep. The device uses some of the same Air Multiplier technology found in its fans to distribute moist air throughout a room; Dyson swears it will blanket a 172-square-foot space with an even amount of mist.

One of the flaws with humidifiers general is the bacteria which grows in the water reserve tank. To combat this, Dyson outfitted its design with UV lights to zap 99% of those organisms, which helped earn it a seal of approval from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

But like the rest of Dyson’s fans and heaters, one of the most–if not the most–compelling parts of the humidifier is its form. It’ll look way nicer in your living room that most of the cheaper humidifiers you’d otherwise buy. Whether or not so much value should be placed on a handsome appearance…well, that’s up to you.

Find the AM10 humidifier in three colors over at

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