For The Overgrown Child, Furniture You Can Build WIth GIant Lego-esque Bricks

Still holding onto that childhood fantasy of someday owning a race car waterbed? I got news for you: not happening!*

But all hope isn’t lost. With Everblocks, you can still sneak some youthful whimsy into your home decor, while maintaining the guise of good modern design. Essentially oversized lego bricks that come in 12-inch, 6-inch, and 3-inch sizes, the furniture system allows you to create virtually whatever you want–stools, tables, desks, shelves, room dividers, etc.–to suit your needs at any given time. And just like Lego, you can deconstruct your creation just as easily as you assembled it, giving you a shapeshifting object around the house.

But just because it’s inspired by everyone’s favorite childhood toy doesn’t mean that the results have to be completely juvenile. These bricks, which come in 12 different colors, are perfectly capable of yielding some adult-looking results. And all things considered, they’re reasonably priced: A starter pack of 26 bricks will run you roughly $155.

So what are you waiting for? Get building.

*Unless you wanna end up like this guy.AC