The Color-Of-The-Day Calendar Turns Your Weeks Into Palettes

I didn’t think humanity had it in us. Since the first Far Side calendar hit in the mid-90s*, the daily, tear-off desk calendar had peaked. The top minds in theoretical physics, industrial design, and advanced materials engineering proposed absolutely no new paradigms in the field of semi-useful novelty gifts for that boss you don’t know very well. Stephen Hawking wrote in his diary: I’ve got nothin’.

But now, designer Peter von Freyhold has come up with a watershed vision. It’s called the CMYK Color Swatch Calendar ($45). Each day is a color swatch that you can tear away. And as the days pass, you can actually create color themes by linking together your favorite samples with a binding screw.

Technically, the calendar shows you one whole week of coordinated colors at a time, so you won’t ever be staring at lilac or crimson on their own. I can’t help but feel like that’s a missed opportunity to milk this calendar for all its worth; it should force you to contemplate a single color each day–as if it’s the Pantone color of the year just sitting there and oozing into your subconscious–but then again, looping together all those little color strips into coordinated palettes may mean your year of desktop calendaring might actually account for something more than a chuckle.

*While writing this story, I actually priced vintage Far Side calendars on eBay. You can get them unopened for only like $10-$25!

[via Fubiz]MW