These Mind-Bending Lamps Are Really Just 2-D Cut-Outs

Given the ubiquity of overhead lighting, few of us really need desk lamps. Instead, they’re a slightly functional piece of artwork, meaning there’s no shame in enjoying a good lamp gimmick–like these Bulbing lamps by the Tel Aviv design firm, Studio Cheh–the same firm behind the 2-D candlestick.

The Bulbling line has been designed to denote traditional desk lamps, but instead of being made from a cylindrical bulb and a shade, each Bulbing lamp is just a flat facade, created from LEDs and laser-carved acrylic.

The LEDs hide inside each lamp’s thin wooden frame. You don’t actually see them glow–not directly, at least. Instead, their light channels through etchings in the acrylic. Because the etchings are of a 3-D wireframe, the shade looks 3-D. That is, until you peek around the edge and realize you’ve been had.

Bulbing lamps are on Kickstarter now, starting at about $65.

[via designboom]MW