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A Hoodie That Gives You Back Massages All Day Long

Disguised as Silicon Valley’s favorite fashion accessory, Aira counteracts the terrible posture of coders.

A Hoodie That Gives You Back Massages All Day Long

Look at Mark Zuckerberg carefully. Underneath that hoodie, it’s hard to believe the Facebook’s founder isn’t hiding a Quasimodo-like lump of vertebral complaints. And chances are the rest of those coders-turned-hoodie-wearers need back massages too.

Aira is a hoodie that hides a massage unit inside, allowing dressed-down millennials to get some back relief while programming, riding the train, or taking a nap during a meeting. It basically works like one of those electric back massage mats you buy at Brookstone’s, except it’s sewn right into a jacket.

To control your Aira, you pair your jacket with an accompanying app, which allows you to specify what type of massage you want. You can adjust the intensity of the massage, or activate or deactivate different zones, allowing you to personalize your hoodie massage according to wear you’re currently carrying your strength and tension. You can use it to get a soft massage on a long flight, or an intense deep tissue massage for 15 minutes after lunch.

According to the website, Aira was designed specifically for working professionals who spend most of their lives sitting down. Consequently, you need to be sitting to use it: it works best when you are applying pressure to the massage pad strapped to your back. So standing desk workers need not apply, although let’s face it, you’ve probably got fewer back issues than the rest of us chair jockeys anyway.

The developers behind Aira swear it will be affordable: “less than half the price of a smartphone,” they insist. Unfortunately, that’s where the price details end. However the design has already passed the design and prototyping stages, and the hoodie itself is due for release the coming months. You can sign up here to be alerted when the Aira is available for sale.

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