This Tote Morphs Into A Reflective Bike-Ready Backpack

Tote bags are the ultimate carryall: They’re lightweight and able to miraculously hold all sorts of oddly shaped things. Their fatal flaw, however, is that they’re remarkably inconvenient to carry while biking. The company Notabag has solved this problem with a line of versatile totes that transform into a backpack when you need it.

For its latest version, the brand teamed up with cycling accessories brand Bookman and doubled down on its cyclist-friendly features by using a reflective fabric that glows when light is shined on it. And while the hands-free carrying was first intended for bikers, it’ll work great for skaters and pedestrians, too.

We’ll take one.

Find the Notabag Reflective Bag & Backpack on and next week for about $25.