If You Love Math (Or Dessert!), This Modular Table Is For You

Hated by data viz experts, business professionals, and grade school students, pie charts are generally a bane to all. But despite that, they serve as good inspiration for tables.

Designed by the Mexico City/London-based firm Hierve for H Furniture, the Pie Chart System is based off of simple geometry. Purchase as many quarter, half, or three quarters tables as you like, then mix and match to your heart’s content.

Made from solid wood or plywood, the pieces are both space-saving and versatile. Crunched for space? Split the circle apart and disperse the items around your room. When you need a larger coffee table, join them back together. Each module comes in a “container” version to offer hidden storage. There’s no “right” way to jigsaw them together, though it’s especially satisfying to see a perfect pie.

Pricing starts at just under $400; find the Pie Chart System at