Melt Your Brain With This Music Video That Visualizes Space-Time

In creating the concept for the video for electronic artist Sarc:o’s song “You’re The One,” motion designer Marco Bagni * and visual artist Luca Pozzi dive into the concept of space-time, or “a strange feeling of frozen time where past, present, and future are indistinguishable.”

The duo worked with the animator Giacomo Merchich to visualize general relativity, M theory, biodiversity, augmented reality, and time travel in the most mesmerizing of ways. The video is a perfect complement to the serene electronic music of their Argentine counterpart. And in a nod to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, there are even a few (dozen) tennis balls thrown in for good measure.

If you’re interested in the rest of Sarc:o’s new album, Manifesto, you can find that on Soundcloud.

*An earlier version of the story stated that Luca Pozzi created the video. Pozzi came up with the concept for the video, but Marco Bagni created the visuals and directed it. We regret this error.

[via Boing Boing.]