Better Than The Supermoon, This Lamp Makes An Eclipse From A Rainbow

The next one might not be scheduled until 2033, but if Sunday’s supermoon lunar eclipse just whet your appetite, you might consider this lamp for your living room (if it is ever produced!). Its clever, simple design overlays seven multicolored eclipses, one over the other, for the ultimate in mood lighting.

When not in use, the Eclipse of Rainbow lamp looks low key: not so much like an Ikea lamp as the one Ikea knocked off when designing their lamp. There are two main differences: Seven LED bulbs, each positioned at a different angle, make up the lamp’s light source. Because these bulbs are shaded with a black steel hood, they emit their light directly to the base of the lamp, where it passes through an opaque plastic disc to create a pan-chromatic constellation of eclipse-like shadows throughout the room.

The Eclipse of Rainbow was designed by Greek designer Eugenia Antoniou, and its name is a fairly straightforward representation of its pedigree. Inspired by eclipses, Antoniou decided to create her lamp to see how well it could be applied to the rainbow. The result is undeniably successful, so much so that Antoniou’s lamp received an honorable mention in the Red Dot Awards this year, as well as first prize at the Ideas Design Competition at Luminaire 2014. Sadly, though, it remains a one-off, at least for now.

(Via: Yanko Design)