These Memphis-Inspired House Goods Are A Nostalgic Nod To The ’80s

Designer Camille Walala’s colorful, eye-popping graphic patterns can be found on the facades of buildings all over London, inside Urban Outfitters and even in a Katy Perry video. Now she’s adapting them to furniture and housewares for her latest collection for the London shop Aria.

The collection includes pillows, floor cushions, plates, mugs and a selection of furniture with a dizzying array of dots and dashes, color blocks and bold geometric designs. In collaboration with Dale Kirk, Walala created a series of a modular shelves that come in square, triangle and rectangle shapes and can stand alone or stack on top of each other.

Walala’s bold graphic patterns and overtly geometric shapes are a nod to the Memphis movement, which has been making somewhat of a resurgence as of late. Like many young designers taking cues from the postmodern movement, Walala grew up during its heyday. Walala was raised in the South of France in her mom’s warm, colorful house, full of bright patterns and a lot of African influence. Her dad, an architect, had a style that was much more minimal, but the angles of his work intrigued her.

While influenced by Memphis Group, Walala works to bring her own aesthetic edge to anything she produces. “I think it’s a cycle–you always come back to a trend without realizing. We don’t really create anything, nothing is new, we forget about it and bring it back with more push,” she says. “I’m respectful of these guys–Ettore Sottsass and Nathalie du Pasquier–they are geniuses to me, but I’m trying to push it in my own way with my own influence.”

You can check out the entire collection Walala designed for Aria here.MM