This Wireframe Chair Is Barely There

Minimalism is an overused word in the design world these days, but for these handsome metal frame chairs there’s really no way to avoid using it. The aptly named the Gentle Hint Chair, designed by Kazakh Nissa Kinzhalina, presents the outline of a chair and nothing more. Made from powder-coated metal, the high bar chair and the low dining chair not only work beautifully together, their seats can also double as table tops.

Kinzhalina, who runs the studio NN Brand Design with fellow designer Anastassiya Leonova, is a master at creating furniture that pulls a disappearing act. The duo’s Urban Philosophy Chair, made of metal and translucent plastic, appears a floating metal shape that changes based on the direction in which you view it. Their Living Light lamp sits on the floor and looks like an empty cube into which light is being poured. Each gives us just a hint of its traditional counterpart and expected form.

Kinzhalina is currently taking steps to manufacture the Gentle Hint Chair and put it on the market. In the meantime, it can be viewed here. Check out NN Brand’s other designs here.

[via Minimalissimo]MM