• 10.05.15

A Smart Menstrual Cup That Tracks Your Period And Makes Sure You’re Healthy

The Looncup sends alerts to a smartphone app when your period is coming, when the cup is full, and when your health is at risk.

The menstrual cup is starting to gain traction as an alternative to sanitary pads and tampons, and for good reason: it’s cheaper, more environmentally friendly and there’s no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, like there is with tampons. Now, Loon Lab adds one more perk with its “smart” menstrual cup that can measure, analyze, and track your period.


Using three sensor embedded into the base of the cup, the Looncupnow raising funds on Kickstarter–sends information about the user’s period to a smartphone app. Like other period trackers on the market, the cup keeps track of your monthly period so it can alert you when it’s coming up. But it’s most helpful in the alerts it sends when the cup is getting full and when the color of the fluid seems unhealthy. The Looncup will advise you to visit your doctor if anything appears unsafe and each one can be used for about six months before the battery dies.

Looncups are available for $30 for early backers before they go up to $35 and $40. You can visit their Kickstarter here.

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