Finally, An Umbrella That Won’t Drip All Over

We’ve seen no shortage of umbrellas that try to design their way around their most common pitfalls: after you use one, they tend to get everything wet, spray colleagues, and drip all over the floor.

The Kjaro, which bills itself as a no-drip portable umbrella, might not be the sexiest brolly around, but it does actually solve the drip problem, with a case design allowing you to sheathe your umbrella after use. The case is not only made out of waterproof textiles, but features a hard plastic drain on the bottom. When you sheathe your umbrella after going out in the rain, the water drips down to the bottom of the case; to drain it, you just twist the mechanism over a sink.

Made from aluminum, the Kjaro also features fiberglass ribs to make it resilient and windproof. And even if it flips inside out, it will return to its original shape without breaking. The tips attaching these ribs to the umbrella’s fabric are smartly designed too. Instead of protruding in such a way that you can catch them on things, snap them off, or poke someone in the eye with them, they are designed as squared off brackets. And the band that keeps the Kjaro collapsed has even been designed with premium attention to detail. Instead of the usual strip of velcro, the Kjaro stays closed due to a powerful magnetic enclosure.

After launching earlier this year on Kickstarter, the Kjaro is set to ship in December, just in time for the 2015-2016 El Niño. Let’s face it, you’re going to need a good umbrella. Maybe it should be this one.