A Crazy Modular Platform For 3-D-Printed Eyewear

If you’ve ever thought about buying a crazy set of frames, only to shy away from wearing something so wacky on your permanent “face,” Biz Eyes could make it easier for you to be more daring with your eyewear: It’s a crazy, modular line of 3-D-printed frames that can be easily mixed, matched, and swapped out, according to your mood.

Inspired by everything from pop culture to pop art, Basquiat to comic book superheroes, the Biz Eyes frames are designed to make it as easy as you want to get extreme with your eyewear. Biz Eyes are made of two parts: a sturdy, transparent base frame, in which your prescription lenses sit, and the spectacles’ faceplates themselves, which are 3-D-printed out of custom-dyed white nylon and resin.

Although all of the base designs look pretty wacky, there’s no reason your Biz Eyes have to be extreme. The core concept here is that this is a platform for modular eyewear, so the actual “design” of the frame simply twists on and off in pieces. So if you feel like wearing Steve Jobs’s glasses one minute and Bruce Vilanch’s the next, you don’t have to buy separate frames: You can just screw on a different face plate, as easily as putting a new case on your smartphone.

Biz Eyes is the brainchild of Nasim Sehat, an Iranian architect and designer currently living in Shanghai. She’s definitely emphasizing the more experimental, pop art side of the Biz Eyes concept right now–the sort of glasses you might wear on New Year’s Eve in Rapture–but if you want more traditional frames alongside the artier ones, you can get in touch.