Perch Your Pomegranate On A Glass Pedestal

Fabrica–the Benetton-backed design lab behind such fantastical projects as the Extra-Ordinary Gallery and this conceptual weather lab–invites a small group of young designers to collaborate on a project each year. This year’s project yielded Tutti Frutti, a collection of exquisite glass sculptures designed to experiment with different ways to serve fruit.

Originally created for Design Miami, the collection was Fabrica’s way of showcasing young design talents while representing the colors and vibrancy of Miami. In 10 pieces both exceptionally beautiful and highly impractical, various types of fruits take the stage–hanging from hooks, perched on pedestals and suspended by glass spears. In a reference to the legend of William Tell, one sculpture features an apple being pierced by an arrow, suspended as if on a spit. Another is inspired by deco Miami architecture, and features a series of four different self-standing elements that contain fruits whittled down to a point. A piece entitled “Coco” realizes more traditional glass forms–a bowl and carafe–but both were hand-blown inside of a coconut half. See all 10 in the gallery above.

Tutti Frutti will be on view at Paris gallery Moda for Maison&Objet starting October 10.

[via Dezeen]