Breathe Easier With A Stylish Reading Lamp That Doubles As An Air Purifier

With a few notable exceptions, air purifiers are usually large clunky eyesores that make no effort to blend in with their settings. With the stylish Pūrificātum, designer Fabian Zeijler brings us an air purifier that can seamlessly integrate into any home–one that doubles as a reading lamp.

Available as both a desktop lamp or a standing lamp, the Pūrificātum is a personal purifier, meaning it’s only going to clean the air in its immediate vicinity. But that’s just as well because to enjoy its other function–as a softly glowing reading lamp–you’ll need to be nearby. The lights come in two settings: a cool white light for better concentration and a warm white light for a more relaxing atmosphere.

Zeijler designed the Pūrificātum and Momentum–a slick little tool that monitors air quality–while studying at the Design Academy at Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The two work best in tandem: Momentum measures ventilation and humidity levels, rotating slightly when it senses unhealthy air, then Pūrificātum tackles the problem. For now, the Pūrificātum and Momentum remain pure prototype, but you can read more about them here.

[via Designboom]