Hightail Launches “Spaces,” A Collaborative File-Sharing Tool For Visual Assets

Today, Hightail–the file-sharing tool formerly known as YouSendIt–is launching a new collaboration tool called Spaces. Similar to Google Drive, but more intended for visual assets, the tool allows teams to share, edit, and provide feedback on files in real time.

“With evolution of cloud storage–folders and files and links are just not as compelling anymore for creative folks who are designing visual assets and need contextual feedback,” says Hightail’s CEO Ranjith Kumaran. “Right now, whether you use us or Dropbox, you create a share folder and paste that into an email and say ‘give me feedback on this video.’ Then you have to go in and download it from your email. We want to take the email attachment out of the equation.”

To do that, Spaces provides a virtual space where design teams can upload images and video, add comments directly into the visual asset and monitor other team members’ progress. With its handy “untangle” feature, you can forward an email to a dedicated address and Hightail will strip the thread of its attachments and dump them all into one “Space.”

Spaces is the latest entry in a recent trend file-sharing tools tailor-made for visual files–like Wake and Bit Torrent’s Shoot app–but it’s a dedication to project management that sets it apart. A dashboard view offers a measurement your project’s “health” based on how many people are on the project, whether they’re active, and if tasks have been completed on time. A “versions” feature allows users to scroll through all of the iterations of an image or video in progress.

“There are so many file sharing options right now–Google Drive, Dropbox, Hightail,” says Kumaran. “We see the next evolution of [file-sharing] being not about how big is the file, how many bits, but about managing the conversations around it.”

Try it out here.