Give Your Shower The “Star Wars” Treatment

Regular shower heads are Bland-o Calrissian, but there’s a quick fix that can be had for a mere $30: Oxygenic’s Darth Vader fixture.

As Star Wars merch proliferates—you can buy blankets, pens, salt and pepper shakers, and make-up—even your shower can get in in the action. (While films helped to spawn the $27 billion franchise, its toys, books, games, and licensing that sustain the Star Wars brand’s growth.)

As far as bona fides go, the fixture features three spray settings, anti-clog nozzles, and releases two gallons per minute. In Bed Bath & Beyond’s own words, its matte-black finish is “as dark as Lord Vader’s cold Sith heart.”

But if the sensible part of your brain has decided to limit how many new Star Wars items you welcome into your home (as it has for some Co.Design staffers) here’s an ounce of rationalization: the creepy factor of liquid oozing from Darth’s face may compel you to limit how long you’re in the shower, saving a few precious gallons of water in the process.