This Installation Maps 5 Billion Years Of Earth’s History Onto The Side Of A Mountain

Cappadocia, located deep in the heartland of Turkey, was once home to some of the most important Christian thinkers. Surrounded by honeycombed hills and towering boulders on all sides, it’s now a tourist destination for as much for its rock-cut churches and cave dwellings as for its spectacular hot air balloon festival.

In a new installation for the Cappadocia Zelve Valley Open Air Museum, the Instanbul-based animation studio Ouchhh created a 3-D animated video showing the entire history of the Earth. Showing Cappadocia’s early beginnings, the emergence of civilization, and the geographical and topographic formations of the time, Revolution of Topography, Cappadocia: Epic History of Humanity is being projection mapped directly onto the surface of a mountain.

Using the pillar-like rock formations known in Cappadocia as “fairy chimneys” as a projection surface, the audio-visual installation literally transforms the subject of the work into its canvas. The installation will run for 10 years, longer than any other projection mapped video in history.

“The Cappadocia area is one of the most beautiful combinations of nature and history in [the] world,” Ouchhh tells The Creators Project. “After geographical transformations formed the fairy chimneys, people sculpted their houses [and] churches into them, decorated using frescos. Zelve Valley is a primordial area and it’s known as the first place that Christianity started to spread around the [world].”

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