• 10.27.15

13 GIFs Of Cars Morphing From Concept To Reality

From the stage to road, see how cars by BMW, Honda, and Tesla evolve for real markets.

Concept cars are the most exciting part of any automobile show. They’re flags planted somwhere in the future, signaling the design direction to come from a given automaker. But ultimately, they’re not the actual car you’ll see on the roads. They tend to be more boisterous than what’s actually released, with aggressive lines and curves undoubtedly sanded away by middle management.


That said, these 13 GIFs created by Petrol Supply Co paint a different picture: They show that concepts by companies like Honda and Jaguar don’t actually change much before they’re sold to consumers. In a few cases, the wheels shrink, and the window-to-body ratios are more or less up for grabs. BMW notably ditched its transparent doors and black swoosh sides of their electric i3 and i8, and the earliest Chevy Volt looks almost nothing like it does today. But for the most part, the imaginary vehicles are pretty darn close to the real ones. And this makes us wonder–could these concept cars be pushing the boundaries a bit more?

[via ars technica]

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