Colorful, Iridescent Nike Gear Inspired By The Northern Lights

As winter falls and the frost starts to creep in, you can say goodbye to those sunny mornings and that lingering, after-work light. But it’s not all bad: those brilliant greens and purples of the Northern Lights, for example, are only visible in winter, when the sky proves to be a dark enough backdrop. That’s the inspiration behind Nike’s colorful new Flash Pack, a collection of multicolored, reflective running gear that helps keep runners visible in low-light conditions.

All of the gear in the Flash Pack collection is designed for both warmth and visibility, meaning colorful, iridescent patterns pairs with fabric that traps warmth while repelling water and wind. The Nike Aeroloft Flash Vestultra has a light insulating down layer that keeps in warmth while laser-cut holes provide breathability. And the sneakers’ water resistant, reflective upper causes rainbow hues to move across the shoe when light hits it.

The best part? While bright colors and patterns will keep you visible to cars, they might also elevate your mood during the dark and chilly winter months. Running’s not a bad endorphin-boost either.

You can see the entire Nike Flash Pack line here.MM