A Genius Window Hack Ushers More Daylight Into Dim Apartments

If your apartment is in a dense urban environment, chances are natural light and air are in short supply. Designer Aldana Ferrer Garcia recognized that one way to greatly enhance a small space without a major overhaul is to rethink windows. What if they could become occupiable spaces that capture sunlight instead of existing as two-dimensional apertures on the facade of a building?

Garcia explores how three common window typologies—casements, hoppers, and awnings—could be adapted into niches. “MoreSky is a cozy corner for the home that provides visual relief and access to sunlight and fresh air for small apartments,” she says.

The MoreSky prototypes are based off of the path a window takes as it’s opened. The Hopper Niche blends a window, a seat, and a frame to become a place into which you could recline and catch a few rays; the Casement Niche offers enough room for a person to sit crosslegged inside; the Awning Niche pops out like a bay window. In effect, they all become like petite solaria affixed to the side of a building.

Best yet? Unlike balconies, which are virtually unusable during the depths of winter (at least in cities that regularly dip below freezing), the MoreSky concepts are enjoyable year-round.

[via The Contemporist]