Apple’s Marc Newson Designs Some Very Jetsonian Kitchen Appliances

Marc Newson, the prolific designer whose portfolio includes everything from pens and power boats to jetpacks and, most recently, the Apple Watch, has turned his hand to kitchen appliances. His matching toaster and kettle set for venerable Australian house goods company Sunbeam is decidedly more low-tech than the projects he’s working on with longtime pal Jony Ive, but still has an unmistakable Newsonian flare.

The toaster and kettle put on full display Newson’s trademark futuristic minimalism with playful sherbet colors, rounded edges, and circular controls.

Designing pared-down household appliances may seem boring compared to Newson’s more fantastical inventions, but for all his space-age aesthetics, Newson has a pragmatic side to him as well. “I was attracted to the job because I’d never designed a kettle or a toaster before,” Newson tells the Financial Review about his collaboration with Sunbeam. “They are objects my family uses practically every day.”

The collection will be available through Sunbeam later this month.

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