A Pour-Over Kettle Worthy Of Your Coffee Snobbery

Once you make pour-over coffee with a gooseneck kettle, you can never go back. Its finely paced water control is a surgeon’s scalpel to the rusted machete that is your standard tea pot, allowing you to coax more subtlety out of your cup of coffee.

And for pour-over aficionados who are used to the age-old question, Hario or Bonavita, there’s now a promising third option. The Stagg Pour-over Kettle, by Fellow, is a matte black or polished steel kettle with a sleek, modernist appeal. The handle is weighted to counterbalance the water as you pour. And inside the lid, an integrated thermometer tracks the water’s temperature as you heat it on the stove. Its dial is red to highlight the 195°-205° range that pour-over brewers prefer, but there’s no reason you couldn’t pull the Stagg off the flame at 160°-170° to brew a perfect cup of green tea instead.

The Stagg Pour-over Kettle is available now for $70.

[via Uncrate]MW