Lernert & Sander Direct A Hypnotizing 3-In-1 Music Video

It’s a given that Dutch artists Lernert & Sanders get weird with their video work. Case in point: applying 365 layers of makeup on a Belgian model and these dapper folks Hula-Hooping in a COS promotion. For their latest collaboration with Amsterdam-based band De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, the filmmakers toyed with Spartan visuals to create a video that goes with three different tracks simultaneously.

The video is as basic as it gets: musicians dressed in monochromatic sweatshirts bopping around. As the film plays, you can turn on one of three audio tracks. Magically, they all go with the video even though they have very different tempos, ranging from old-school R&B to club beats. As you toggle back and forth between the songs, your eye is naturally drawn to the row of musicians who are singing the tune while the other two become background—it’s all so fluid and mind-boggling.

See the video here.