A $330 Hoodie Designed For Maximum Relaxation

Sweatpants are alright, but hoodies are the undisputed champion of comfort clothing. Not only are they soft; their hood is like an emergency privacy shield for those moments that you just can’t.

Which is what makes the Baker Miller Hoodie by Vollebak so appealing. It’s not just your standard heaven-sent sweatshirt with a zipper; it’s a hoodie that’s designed to calm you down, like a wearable tent.

Named after Baker Miller pink–the classic, if somewhat debatable, psychological theory that painting prisons pink can calm down inmates–the hoodie zips all the way over your face to filter everything you see through the tranquil color. Meanwhile, you stick your arms into two specially configured pockets that rest directly over your diaphragm, so you’re naturally in tune with taking deeper, lower breaths.

Vollebak pitches the pink hoodie as a way for athletes to relax before a big event. Ironically, the University of Iowa football team famously painted their opponent’s locker room pink in order to ice the visiting competition before a game. So whether Baker Miller pink is an advantage or a liability seems to be up for debate.

The Baker Miller Hoodie is available now for about $330.

[via dezeen]