The Cuddliest Blanket Ever Has 3-Inch-Thick Stitches

The Ohhio is a super chunky blanket knit by hand out of soft, luxurious, and super chunky Merino wool.

Ukranian designer Anna Marienko has been featured on Co.Design before for her beard growing calendar and visualizations of sound waves. Her latest project, though, is her snuggliest yet: the Ohhio, a blanket made out of soft Merino wool that is so chunky, it needs to be woven by hand, without needles.

The Ohhio is kind of like those wool scarves with fat stitches that are de rigeur right now, except blown up to blanket size. Each stitch is 3 inches thick, and the blankets come in three sizes: a small 32-inch-by-48-inch blanket, a medium measuring 40 inches by 60 inches, and a large blanket that is 55 inches by 70 inches, large enough to wrap up an entire family. Colors include gray, yellow, dark gray, green, blue, white, and pink, while prices from $204 for a small blanket to $420 for a large one.

Maybe it’s just the prospect of another cold East Coast winter approaching, but I wish I were buried under one of these blankets right now. Sadly, while the Ohhio is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, it won’t ship until April of next year, meaning those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will have to wait until late 2016 to cuddle up under one in the dead of winter.

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