Genius System Uses Magnets To Keep Your Clothes Perfectly Folded In Cramped Closets

ThreadStax wants to make the heap of clean clothes on the bottom of your closet floor a thing of the past.

We all like the idea of folding clothes. Maybe we even do it, from time to time. But let’s face it: less of us than we want to admit fold clothes properly, and even fewer of us can manage to keep our clothes folded for long. Now on Kickstarter, ThreadStax is a genius system for keeping your clothes properly folded and organized, using magnets of all things. It comes in three distinct parts: a folding board, a series of brackets, and some magnetic slides.


First, the folder. You just put an item of clothing in the center of the folder, then swing its panels closed to fold your duds up to retail standard, complete with properly aligned, straight-edged creases. After your clothes are properly folded, that’s where the other parts of the ThreadStax system come in.

The heart of the system is a collection of individual slides which separate your clothes from one another. In combination with an innovative bracketing system, the problem the ThreadStax slides are trying to solve is that thing that happens all too often: you try to pull out just one shirt or pair of pants from the middle of a folded stack, only to unfold the rest of them in the process. The slides keep your clothes separated from each other in the stack, thanks to load bearing spacers, while a magnetic edge lets you easily snap them in and out of a bracket system which uses 3M Command strips to adhere to any surface.

According to inventor Scott Mosmach, the idea for ThreadStax came to him after finding it impossible to keep clothes organized in his tiny condo. “I created ThreadStax to fulfill my own need after purchasing my 500-square-foot condo. It only had a coat closet and a few awkwardly spaced shelves. I needed a solution that would allow me to stack as high as my shelves allowed without my clothes becoming a clumpy wrecked mess after a few days.”

After conducting a poll of about 300 people, he found out he wasn’t alone: 53% reported having clean clothes cluttering their homes, and 90% stated they felt unmotivated to organize their wardrobe in the first place because clothes never stay organized for long. If that sounds like you–and it definitely sounds like me–you can preorder a ThreadStax system starting at just $30.