Pro-Grade Camera Lenses Attach Effortlessly To Your Phone

The Iris Lens will definitely up your iPhone camera game, but the best part might be the clever mounting system that slides over your case.

A popular saying among photographers is “the best camera is the one you have with you.” For most people, that will almost always be a smartphone camera. For more serious photographers, there’s an array of attachable lenses that will transform that ever-handy camera into something closer to a professional one (Moment and Olloclip lenses are the most popular). But here’s the problem: those lenses almost always require either a special iPhone case or no case at all.


Enter Iris Lens, a new series of pro-grade lenses from retailer Photojojo that stand out from the herd with a clever mounting system. With options for both Android and iPhones, the mounting device is essentially a lens cap case on a cord that slides into place between your phone and your case (for caseless phones, the kit comes with an adapter that sits right on the phone). The case stays on your phone while the three different lenses–wide angle, fish-eye, and macro lenses–get swapped in and out quickly and easily. When not in use on your phone, the cap slides along the cord to double as a carrying case.

While other attachable lenses make it a priority to blend in as much as possible, Iris is not exactly low-profile. With its baby blue cord and bulky plastic case, you can’t exactly snap a photo on the DL. But what it lacks in discreetness, it makes up for in speed and accessibility. For the type of people who are interested enough in photography to buy professional grade lenses, swapping them out quickly and securely is going to be what matters most.

Iris Lens Series is available for pre-sale on Photojojo for $109 ($140 regularly). The kit shops the week of December 14.

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