Watching These Robots Perform Pointless Tasks Is Oddly Mesmerizing

The robots in the new video for the Buenos Aires-based band Anybody There each have one job to do. A slender copper contraption scrolls through TV channels, a KUKA-esque robot puts milk in the refrigerator, and mechanized clothes rack sorts through a dozen of the exact same T-shirt. Set against a monochrome background, the robots mechanize our most monotonous daily activities, over and over again.

“[It’s] a story about seeing and not finding,” writes molistudio, the Argentine design studio that created the video. “It’s to get up, go to work, eat, fall in love, buy, throw, fall out of love, accept, sleep, wake up.” With its gorgeous visuals and cleverly designed machines, the video is meant as a reminder to exchange your dull daily habits for a new experience every once and a while. Routine can be comforting (and productive), but it does us well to remember that the human brain is hard-wired to appreciate and seek out novelty.

But if we took anything away from this video, it’s that monotony can be pretty beautiful too.

[via Visual News]