The Best (And Blingiest) Highlights From Design Miami

Last week, the designerati migrated south for Design Miami, the annual fair held alongside Art Basel that is as much about swanky parties as it is about ogling blue-chip design.

Unlike most design fairs, which feature a range of consumer-facing goods, Design Miami falls squarely in the collectibles realm; the offerings are more like one-off art pieces than design wares, and the flashier, the better. Take the Campana Brothers’ Cangaço, a luscious collection of leather furniture inspired by 19th-century Brazilian bandits, or Zaha Hadid’s limited edition biomorphic pavilion (pictured below). Price tag: $480,000.

James Harris

Even the installations look like they belong in an oil baron’s foyer. Students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design created a canopy of foam models in cotton-candy pink, and architect Fernando Romero’s scintillating El Sol sculpture is composed of 2,880 Swarovski crystals. Head to the slide show to see more of Design Miami’s blingiest beauts and other highlights.DB