350 Material Design Icons You Can Download For Free

Last time we wrote about icon designer Vincent Le Moign, it was because he and his company Webalys had released a collection of minimalist icons of boobs, bongs, and poop. Webalys’s follow-up is a lot classier: Nova, a collection of 4,000 icons, perfect for use in Material Design apps and websites.

The Nova icons pack follows the official Google Design Material guidelines, so they’re all minimalist, clear outlines that ensure consistency, readability, and clarity, even at small sizes. Although there are 4,000 icons, it’s actually closer to double that. Each design comes in two different versions: line style for use on light backgrounds, and solid style for use on darker backgrounds.

The Nova icons have been thoughtfully designed to be easy to work with. They’re tagged to work with Iconjar, an OS X tool useful to designers for keeping their icon libraries organized. The icons are also available in files appropriate for Sketch, Illustrator, SVG, and PDF, so no matter what you design in, these icons should slot right into your workflow.

According to La Moign–and we have no reason to disbelieve him–Nova is the world’s biggest Design Material Icons pack. At its introductory price, it’s also very cheap: just $77, or a little less than two cents and icons. But if that’s still too rich for your blood, you can download 350 of those icons for free here

A little less amusing than La Moign’s last slate of burping, farting, stoner icons? Perhaps. But a lot more useful to working designers.JB